Reality Sandwiches

A­ naked lunch is natural to us,  
we eat reality sandwiches.  
But allegories are so much lettuce.  
Don't hide the madness. 

-Allen Ginsberg 'On Boroughs'  

Have you ever had a bite of a sandwich burstingwith juicy flavors and crunchy textures? You can't help to ask--what's in it?Do you want to open the sandwich and see what's inside? Did you see thehalf-bitten cockroach between lettuce and bacon?   

It is a seductive mouthwatering three-decker thatbrings panic and hysteria. But we can't stop.  Although technologies haveenabled us to solve mysteries of the universe and to carry tiny computerseverywhere, we are more than confused and overwhelmed than ever.  

With a motivation to pay attention to what makes usfeel eerie, uncomfortable, and frustrated, we respond to our genuine emotionsand inklings in 'Reality Sandwiches'. Rather than making any effort to come upwith intelligent solutions to survive saturated and delirious state, we takeadvantage of the medium of moving image that traverses the reality and illusionover time. 

Reality Sandwiches is the first group exhibition presented by Ballpark Collective featuring works of Aimee Neat, Max Leach, Sarah Lewis, Susanne Dietzand Sun Park. 

Ballpark is a London-basedcollective led by artists working with moving image. Through regular exhibitions and events, we create opportunities forourselves outside the radar and influence of institutions. We invite artistsand audience to participate in the exchange of ideas, showcase of work andprogramming. 


Sympathetic Magic (2019), video installation with a packaging from a gift shop at the Shard, 1.40 min 👀 watch here

Looking up will only make you fall (2019), video installation with a found object and a mirror, 2 min 👀 watch here

In Seoul, South Korea, there is a high-rise called Lotte World Tower which resembles the Shard in London. Like many contemporary  high-rise buildings, Lotte World Tower has been a controversial project involving sinkholes, light reflection amongst many other issues around urban planning. 

Sympathetic Magic and Looking up will only make you fall are site specifically created for a group exhibition at SET Bermondsey. Sympathetic Magic is a playful rebellion against a neoliberal city and bring back the power to those who are trapped in an urban city built on capitalism. The video is installed inside a plastic gift package from the Shard’s gift shop misleading the London audience to think of The Shard which they have probably spotted on their way to the gallery in Bermondsey.

Looking up will only make you fall was shot at a shopping mall in the Lotte World Tower while riding escalators up and down. The video is displayed on a tiny object that has four faces expressing four different emotions.