Reality Sandwiches: Psycho

The second group exhibition presented by Ballpark Collective as part of Deptford X Fringe 2019.

Featuring artists: Susanne Dietz, Sarah Lewis, Aimee Neat, Sun Park


Carpe DM (2019), video installation, 9 min 👀 watch here

Carpe DM is a sequel to Sympathetic Magic (2019), a video using an infamous highrise building, Lotte Tower, in Seoul as a punchbag. Due the similarities between the aesthetics of this building in Seoul and The Shard in London, Sympathetic Magic misled the London audience to belive that they are looking at The Shard. Carpe DM was made on the top floor of The Shard in the late 2019 when the artist finally made her way to come back to London after the expiration of her student visa and found herself in a situation that is as hostile and extractive as the place she believed to have escaped. 

Installation View

Top Top (2019), a video and a chair, 1.12 min