30 works 30 days

This year I participated in the 30 works 30 days project organised by 12ø collective. Open to everyone, it is a space where participants share one new piece of work every day for a month. 

**** I share these silly and impromtu things I made, often in transit or while working, as a reminder of how much I enjoy making art. ****

Day 1

tear drop
Day 2

today's mood board in my camera roll
Day 3

it's still a view...?
Day 4 

a procrastinator's playlist
Day 5 

things I tried and proved to be bad at
Day 6

for you
Day 7

could this horrible vinyl flooring in my bathroom devalue The Modern House's expensive listings

Day 8 

Day 9 

a stone in a stone
Day 10

machine aid

Day 11

shampoo fairy
Day 12

powered by

Day 13

never finish anything really,

Day 14

loop holes
Day 15


Day 16

coming up roses

Day 17

on jealousy
Day 18

Day 19

Day 20

what if silence can be noise

Day 21

self portrait of my soul escaping my by body at 4pm
Day 22

Day 23

keep an eye out

Day 24

Day 25

two, days, moons,

Day 26 

Day 27

Day 28

Day 29

faceless men in black

Day 30

to the rhythms of my commute