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픽처리스는 손으로 넘기고 눈으로 읽는 영화를 만듭니다.

Short Straw Editional Text

Short Straw: Editional Text (2019)  is a zine that accompanies the eponymous moving image work presented by Ballpark Collective in 2019, exploring notions of interdependence in collaborative filmmaking. Drawing on The Surrealists' game 'Exquisite Cadaver' as a metaphor for collaboration and interpretation, the process attempts a telepathic communication between artists through a ritual of passing moving image works from one to the next, creating an interconnected whole. This catalogue collates five distinct texts written by each participating artist as illogical footnotes to their segment of the film. Encompassing sensual poetry on contemporary banality, fictional duels that never end, a historical recount of a disrupted ecosystem, symbolism in ancient sculpture and reclaiming suppressed female energy, these works are threaded by a shared uncertainty.

Size: A5 (148 x 210mm)
Page: 12pp
Printing: two-color Riso printing on
Munken Lynk 120gsm by Page Masters (https://pagemasters.co/)
Binding: spiral bind
Price: £3
Year of publication: 2019

Participating Artists: Aimeé Neat, Sun Park, Susanne Dietz, Max Leach and Sarah Lewis

Screwed Book (2018), paper, nuts and bolts